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Servicing the Community Since 1949
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Over 100 years ago, the area known as Paddlewheel Park was the site of CPR shipbuilding and a bustling centre of commerce. It was here that the sternwheel steamships Aberdeen, Okanagan, Sicamous, and the tugboat Naramata were constructed.
The Canadian Pacific Railway line from Sicamous terminated at Okanagan Landing, transferring passengers and freight into the sternwheelers connecting to points south on Okanagan Lake, the final stop being Penticton and terminus with the Kettle Valley Railway Line. As transportation systems improved, the need for the movement of people and material by water diminished and in 
1936 the last 
sternwheeler was 
retired. Today, the 
Sicamous and 
Naramata can be 
found in Penticton 
where the Kettle 
Valley railway 
Historical Society 
is restoring them.

On April 8th, 1949, the Okanagan Landing and District Community Association came into being under the Societies Act. The object of the Society is to promote social, recreational, educational, and cultural activities among its members; to improve the conditions of and advance in every way community life and affairs in the Landing area; and to provide suitable buildings and grounds for the furtherance of such objectives. From 1949 to 1971 the Association held its meetings and activities at the United Church Hall at 7652 Okanagan Landing Road. 

In 1971, the Association purchased the decommissioned lands and buildings from Marathon Realty. Attention was then given to cleaning up the large CPR workshop that was used for building and maintaining the lake boats. Through government grants and
volunteer labour, the workshop was transformed into the 
Community Hall.

Concurrently, Landing residents were committed to providing a park. Volunteers carried their trees to the park and planted them with great ceremony. Today, some of those trees are providing shade to the hundreds of users of Paddlewheel Park. 

Today, the Greater Vernon Parks and Recreation Department leases a portion of the lands and maintains the park for user’s enjoyment. 

In February, 1999, a  fire destroyed the Community Hall. 
However, the Association Board of Directors immediately made plans to reconstruct the Hall. Community members rallied behind the 
project, contributing time, energy, and talents. By 2000, Phase 1 of the new Okanagan Landing and District Community Hall was completed. Phase 2—Restoring the Station House—is now complete. 
7813 Okanagan Landing Road, Vernon, BC V1H 1H2